Ripples and light…a sculpture for Perth people.

Inspired by ripples in the water, the connection between the river, land and sky….now also, Sheila & Cyrus.

Not two people to follow tradition, these guys decided not only did they want to see each other before anyone else, but also, sneak off for a quiet night shoot around Elizabeth Quay

When I first posted this image on Facebook, I never thought that it would blow up like it did. I’m stoked if I get a handful of likes and comments. I think I had this image for about a couple of weeks before posting it, I wanted to post some images from other clients weddings that I loved.

It was unbelievable how people responded to the shot!! How they responded to the location!!

I was back there just this Friday with a friend, he said that when ever he see’s this place at night now he thinks of this image.

It always makes me think of a girl and a guy sharing one of the best days of their life together with their closet crew.

James Simmons Photography – Shot by Adam Levi Browne

With the AIPP Professional Photographer Awards coming up in 2017, I dare say that one of these images may get a look in when choosing me final four, stay tuned!!