Married Wedding couple dance in the White Barn reception room at The Rose & Crown in Guildford

Unique Wedding Photography Celebrated at the AIPP Professional Photography Awards

So it’s all over for another year at AIPP Professional Photographer Awards and I am a couple of points closer to my goal of Master Photographer.

Thanks to all the print handlers, judges, organisers of this massive event each year, you’re all stars.

Also to the brilliant photographers for their feedback about my entries, you’re constantly inspiring me. I whole heartedly appreciate your help during this hectic time and love the banter over a few beers afterwards.

To the best printer and pal in the west Paul Jarvis at Perth Pro Lab, a huge thanks for your encouragement and making these guys shine.

Last of all, to all the other entrants and grinners out there, stay inspired, congratulations and see ya’ll next year!

James Simmons Photography – Shot by Adam Levi Browne
Viva Photography – Shot by Adam Levi Browne