Guests play with games in the DIY backyard Perth property wedding

Leah & Zach’s Badass Backyard Wedding

When I first met with Leah and Zach about shooting their badass backyard wedding, I knew it was going to be something special, then I had my mind blown completely off as I arrived at the boys that morning!!

One of the best things about getting to know the Bradley’s is that they hug with all of their might, you feel that cuddle from the tips of your toes to the inside of your heart. As we pulled up the driveway, I noticed Zach & his mum Narelee in the longest and deepest embrace I’ve had the privilege of witnessing. Zach and his lads are just as close, the bromances are strong with these guys! It wasn’t long before I got to meet the extended family also…they didn’t say much but were kind enough to jump in for a few shots outside with the boys before I made my way over to where Leah was getting ready.

Leah wasn’t in her dress yet, but she already looked gorgeous thanks to Michelle C Beauty & Creative Makeup & Hairstylist Jade Walsh. While Dad Trevor was busy in the backyard putting the finishing touches to his heartfelt speech, the girls, including mum, Julie, were sipping champagne, getting ready and practising their moves for the dance floor later on, actually it was Trevor getting his groove on!!

Tears flowed from everyone as Leah appeared in her jaw dropping Kellylin Couture dress, sharing more cuddles & kisses with her folks before heading off, to tie the knot with all their family & friends looking on at their backyard wedding.

As far as backyard transformations go, this took the cake and a cronut!! Festoon lighting and stunning flower arrangements by Stylish Flowers & Weddings brightened the property up, making the couples home into a bonafide betrothal base. A slip of the tongue, (not a kiss pun) and a few I do’s later and…you guessed it…more kisses and cuddles and the guys were skipping down the isle as husband and wife.

The rest of this epic love story really has to be seen to do it justice so I’ll let you get to the slideshow. Prepare yourself for tears and belly laughs!

Click on the image below to view Leah & Zach’s Perth DIY Wedding

Recently hitched couple sharing their first dance in the DIY backyard property wedding